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Installing Archivy

With pip

You can easily install archivy with pip. (pip is the default package installer for Python, you can use pip to install many packages and apps, see this link for more information if needed)

  1. Make sure your system has Python and pip installed. The Python programming language can also be downloaded from here.
  2. Install the python package with pip install archivy
  3. It's highly recommended to install ripgrep, which Archivy uses for some of it's organization features (note links & tags inside notes).
  4. If you'd like to use search, follow these docs first and then do this part. Run archivy init to create a new user and use the setup wizard.
  5. There you go! You should be able to start the app by running archivy run in your terminal and then just login.

With docker

You can also use archivy with Docker.

See the docker documentation for instructions on this.

We might implement an AppImage install. Comment here if you'd like to see that happen.

With Nix

$ nix-env -i archivy