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Logo design by Roy Quilor is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0


Archivy is a self-hosted knowledge repository that allows you to safely preserve useful content that contributes to your own personal, searchable and extensible wiki.


  • If you add bookmarks, their webpages contents' will be saved to ensure that you will always have access to it, following the idea of digital preservation.
  • Login module that allows you to host the service on a server
  • Plugin system to allow people to publish and write extensions to archivy
  • Notes are stored in an extended markdown format with footnotes, LaTeX math rendering, syntax highlighting and more.
  • CLI that provides a nice backend interface to the app
  • Backend API for flexibility and user enhancements
  • Everything is a file! For ease of access and editing, all the content is stored in markdown files with yaml front matter.
  • Extensible search with Elasticsearch and its Query DSL
  • Dark Theme


  • Links between different knowledge base items
  • Multi User System with permission setup.
  • Option to compile data to a static site.


Install archivy with pip install archivy. Other installations methods are listed here

Then run this and enter a password to create a new user:

$ archivy create-admin <username>

Finally, execute archivy run to serve the app. You can open it at https://localhost:5000 and login with the credentials you entered before.

You can then use archivy to create notes, bookmarks and then organize and store information.